We are building our Wild Peace space.

“Peace is not a final outcome, it is a continuous practice within the self and within a community, it resides in the quality we foster in our relationships with nature and the relationships of trust we build with others.”

-   Galeo Saintz, Founder


The Wild Peace initiative is a think-tank and collaborative platform for individuals and organisations working to transform human-wildlife conflict and supports the campaign for ecocide to be recognised as the 5th crime against peace by the United Nations in 2020. We believe that conservation can play an important role in peace building across the globe and has a responsibility to do so.


Please return on 1 January 2015 to view our updated website.


Please contact us on info@wild-peace.org should you wish to know more, or to explore a collaborative relationship to address transforming human-wildlife conflict and ending ecocide.


The Wild Peace Resolution


-  Image by Jeremy Snell