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Awareness through Adventure for Conflict Transformation

We fundraise for conservation leaders and champions of peace on the ground to attend and participate in unique conservation adventures to raise awareness for conflict transformation.

Innovative Technology to Mitigate Wilderness Conflict.

As an alliance we fundraise to support the implementation and development of appropriate sustainable and affordable modern or indigenous technology to help mitigate on-going conflict, to compliment and support transformation towards peace.

Legal and Legislative Interventions for Wilderness Peace.

We support and promote the Wildlife in Warzones Declaration and the inclusion of Ecocide as the 5th Crime Against Peace by the United Nations, being championed by the Eradicate Ecocide campaign.


Our website is still in the final stages of construction. While you wait for us to get all our information together, please click on the wolf slide above and visit our Wolf OR-7 Expedition page. There you can discover the adventure we will undertake in the tracks of Wolf OR-7 during spring 2014.

Also consider supporting our cross-cultural theatre piece to address the on-going rhino crisis by helping to educate rhino horn end-user markets and help reduce demand for rhino horn in Asia. To become a sponsor or make a donation, please contact Galeo Saintz or Kate Muller Click here.
To be notified when our website goes live please, click on our contact link and leave your email address and a short message.

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Its time to end "the war against ourselves".

From wolves in Europe and the Americas, to leopards in Bhutan, from elephants in Kenya to rhinos in South Africa, from seals and sharks in the ocean to the wilderness of the Antarctic, human-wildlife and wilderness conflict is a growing conservation challenge around the globe.

Peace with wild species and wild places is achievable and will become increasingly necessary during times of global climate, social and economic change, all of which have a direct influence on competition for natural resources, and which are often the origin of conflict. Rachel Carson called our transgressions against nature: 'the war against ourselves'. It is up to us to end this war.
The Wild Peace Alliance is a global initiative bringing organizations, communities and individuals working at the interface of human-wildlife conflict together to support and promote peaceful coexistence between wildlife and people. We achieve this through strategic interventions and funding of appropriate technology and awareness campaigns.

Creating a platform for dialogue, Wild Peace acts as a catalyst to encourage all stakeholders working towards finding solutions to cooperate and appreciate the multi-faceted and complex nature of coexistence and peace, through finding common ground.
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