“Peace is not a final outcome, it is a continuous practice within the self and within a community, it resides in the quality we foster in our relationships with nature and the relationships of trust we build with others.”

-   Galeo SaintzFounder

One Mission

Eradicate Conflict and Ecocide in Nature Areas

Peace with wild species and wild places is achievable and will become increasingly necessary during times of global change, be that change social, climatic or economic. Such systemic changes influence competition for natural resources, often the origin of conflict.

Rachael Carson called our transgressions against nature: “The war against ourselves.” It is up to us to end this war.

One Mission


The Wild Peace initiative is a collaborative think-tank and platform for individuals and organisations working to transform conflict where it occurs in nature, biodiversity hotspots and protected areas to come together and develop projects and work towards mitigation conflict. In addition we support the campaign for ecocide law to be recognised as the 5th crime against peace by the United Nations in 2020 and for the Wildlife in Warzones initiative by the Lawrence Anthony Foundation to be implemented.

We recognise that conservation can play an important role in peace building across the globe, and has a responsibility to do so.

Two Approaches

Function as Catalyst

An alliance that acts as a catalyst towards finding equitable and sustainable solutions where all stakeholders come to appreciate the multi-faceted and complex nature of coexistence and peace.

Collaboration Hub

The Wild Peace Alliance is a global initiative bringing organizations, communities, governments and individuals working at the interface of human wildlife conflict and addressing conflict in conservation together, to support, promote and facilitate peaceful coexistence between wildlife and people.

Three Impact Points

Awareness through unique once-off Expeditions


Our team of collaborators have seen the power of creative and focused expeditions to address on-the-gound issues to raise awareness and encourage collaboration between diverse parties in a landscape, often with opposing views. We support conservation adventurers and champions of peace to engage in expeditions that invoke storytelling and science to build relationships of trust. Our most recent project was the Wolf OR-7 Expedition.

Innovative Technology to Mitigate Conflict


Technology can play a surprising role in avoiding conflict from the outset, by changing the way communities engage with wildlife and contribute to a monitoring practice that dispels myths about both wildlife behaviour and movement. We support the work of the CyberTracker Foundation and are seeking funds for the further development and extended reach of this innovative platform. We continually investigate emerging technologies and the role they can play in transforming conflict.

Legal and Policy Interventions to Foster Peace


Support and motivate for the implementation of the Wildlife in War-zones Declaration, and the ratification of Ecocide Law as the 5th Crime Against Peace through the United Nations.

Four Sectors of Culture

Creative Campaigns to Cultivate Culture of Peace in Wild Places

Collaboration with cultural creative leaders, across the four sectors of culture: the arts, sports, business and education sectors, helping leverage innovative educational content and inspiring expeditions, both scientific and adventurous, which bring awareness and benefits to communities living within and impacted by conflict. Engaging with the arts as a tool for cultural change towards peace with wild species.

Current Projects

  • Nature Peace Index: Collaborating with leading organisations and governments to produce an annual review / index / ranking of countries based on the degree of conflict present in their nature areas.
  • Wild Peace Atlas: Collaboration with National  Geographic Young Explorer,  Jay Simpson to produce a global atlas documenting human-wildlife conflict cases and highlighting through social mapping.
  • Wild Peace Rhino Theatre Piece:  Collaboration with Theatre for Africa on a theatre piece and film documentary to change cultural mind-set in Vietnam regarding use of rhino horn.
  • Smartphones for Peace: Seeking funds to support start-up anti-poaching project using smartphones.
  • Wolf OR-7 Expedition: Collaboration with adventure team, wolf specialist and documentary filmmaker. See www.or7expedition.org
  • Wild Stories for Peace:  Collaboration with International School of Storytelling to develop courses employing storytelling to transform conflict in communities adjacent to Protected Areas.